Knowledge and Innovation

Knowledge and innovation drive the quarrying and mineral extractive industries which is why it is a key part of our IQ skills wheel.

Listed below are the summaries of factsheets that we have written to help members understand what they need to know about each topic.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Water management

The management of water has been an important consideration in mineral extraction since historical times, limiting the ability to operate effectively and safely at numerous sites. The need to consider water issues with care has increased signi cantly in recent times due to greater regulatory controls, the increased scale of mineral extraction and increased public awareness of environmental issues.

Water management is becoming a strategic issue for all operators. Changes in regulatory requirements as well as environmental considerations are driving better management of water, which is also helping operators to achieve cost savings.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Planning for emergencies

Emergencies by their very nature occur with little or no warning and can have such dire consequences for both life and property that planning for such events is essential.

It is difficult to prioritise planning for something that hopefully will never happen but those businesses that do take the time, find they are in a better position to cope with both the immediate dangers and their consequences.  Having emergency planning procedures in place that are regularly reviewed and communicated to staff are not only essential to meet legal requirements but should be the aim of all responsible employers.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Problem solving

Problems are part of everyday life and very much the focus of what many of us do at work every day. Whether highly complex and involved or whether it’s about undoing those little knots that get in the way of completing simpler tasks, there are some basic tools and techniques that can help you to get started in battling through most problems.

Problem solving is something we all do daily. In a work setting, being able to find solutions to both day-to-day and long-term problems is a very important part of being an effective employee, whatever level you operate at within your organisation.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Safeguarding lone working

Lone working has always played a major role in mineral extraction operations and, whilst it may be desirable to have a second person involved in the task, it is often unavoidable to have someone working on their own.

The mineral extraction industry is a prime example of an industry where lone working is considered almost a normal activity.   However, due to the hazardous nature of the work that takes place, it is essential that managers consider carefully every aspect of lone working to ensure there is the minimum of risk involved.

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