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Need help dealing with substance misuse in the workplace?

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Thursday, 27 November 2014, 10am.

Venue: The Institute of Quarrying McPherson House, 8a Regan Way, Chetwynd Business Park, Chilwell, Nottingham NG9 6RZ

This one-day course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding, enabling the development, implementation and management of substance misuse in the workplace.

Designed primarily for Policy Holders, Directors, HR, Health and Safety, Operational Managers and anyone who has a responsibility in ensuring the efficient and safe running of a site operation. The course provides in-depth coverage of:

  • Policy development advice and guidance
  • How your company policy will affect your employees, contractors and hauliers
  • Effective communication of the policy
  • Information concerning workplace substance misuse, including information on drug types and their effects on an individual at work
  • Signs and symptoms of substance misuse
  • Your Legal responsibilities
  • How to deal with an incident relating to misuse at work
  • Testing, how, when and who to ensure it is legally compliant
  • Counselling and support programmes
During the day we will be covering:
  • Overview of the course and some statistics of substance misuse in the UK
  • A knowledge check on alcohol and drugs
  • Information and a discussion on the different types of drugs, their effects and paraphernalia relating to drug misuse
  • Information and a discussion on alcohol and how to promote sensible drinking with education on recommended consumption levels and units of alcohol
  • The essential guide for developing a policy
  • A discussion on the signs and symptoms of misuse or dependency
  • Overview of the legal requirements for both the company and employee
  • Group discussion on dealing with an incident relating to substance misuse
  • How and when testing should be carried out, with a practical demonstration
  • The benefits of a formal counselling programme for the company and employee
  • Dealing with someone who breaches the policy

Delivered by Hampton Knight, the leading independent specialist provider of employee health and wellbeing, they have assisted numerous companies and organisations across the UK and Ireland in introducing and successfully managing the issue of substance misuse at work and have a wealth of experience of working within the quarrying and construction sector.

Open to all, the course is priced at £99+VAT for IQ members or £125+VAT for non-members.

Book today on 0115 972 9995 or

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