Quarrying and Mineral Products Resources

Information and inspiration

A vital source for anyone wanting to know more about quarrying

Part of our remit is to educate and inform people about the nature of quarrying. This includes those that are considering joining the industry to develop their career through to those that just want to know more about what the industry does and how it contributes to our everyday life.

Here is a collection of useful links to help inform and inspire to know more about the mineral extractive industry. 


Quarrying Explained

The basics about what the industry is and how it operates.

Quarry Trails

Get on your bike to see quarries for yourself with these trails covering all the UK.

Industry Links

Find out more about the quarrying industry in the UK and around the world

Quarry Faces

Real life career case studies of people from across the industry.

Quarry Garden

Our Quarry Garden demonstrated how quarrying supports the environment and biodiversity.

Minerals Use

Information about the importance of minerals and how they are used all around us.

Industry Articles

Comment and insight from people and companies from across the industry.