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[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 17, 2018 8:30:00 AM / by Sarah Fry

Sarah Fry

IQ branches provide valuable networkingThe Institute of Quarrying (IQ) has a comprehensive UK network of 13 regional branches covering Derbyshire, Devon and Cornwall, Lancashire, London and the Home Counties, Midlands, North of England, North Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South Wales, West of England, West Midlands and Yorkshire.

Run entirely by passionate volunteers, IQ’s branch network is a major benefit to members, bringing people together from across the industry to share knowledge, network and socialise.

Kevin Parker FIQ, General Manager at Lightwater Quarries Ltd, is one such willing volunteer. He is currently Secretary of IQ’s Yorkshire Branch, which is based out of Wetherby in West Yorkshire:

“I’ve been involved in the Yorkshire branch since the 1990s so have seen many changes over the years. But the one constant afforded by branch meetings is the opportunity to meet face-to-face with people working across the sector.

“That might be in the shape of the many technical evenings that we organise, our AGMs or purely as a social evening in the ever popular Bridge Inn in Wetherby and the chance to share experiences and learning with friends and colleagues. It’s that personal element that can’t be replicated elsewhere that I particularly enjoy.”

Ben Uphill MIQ, Multi-site Manager (UK Clay) for Sibelco Group, is an enthusiastic and active committee member of IQ’s Devon & Cornwall Branch.

“I agree with Kevin that networking events and meeting up with colleagues are among the highlights of branch membership, but evolving how our branch networks work is key to unlocking greater engagement from across the membership, as well as encouraging new members to join IQ.

“In my opinion, achieving IQ membership is an important milestone in anyone’s career. It opens doors to all sort of benefits, as well as access to a network of fellow professionals. But membership is just the start; being active at branch level is how you get the best out of your membership. The energy you put in is rewarded in equal measure; enhanced knowledge, improved skills, more valuable contacts, new friendships, the list goes on.”

Mark Broadley FIQ is Chairman of IQ's Lancashire Branch and Business Improvement Manager with Aggregate Industries in Lancaster:

“Branch membership has, for me, been a wonderful opportunity to share experiences and learning with colleagues from my local area. It’s one of a long list of benefits, but it’s the one that I value most because it personalises what I do through shared experiences. Innovations like online learning programmes are fantastic but to me it’s the people that count.”

How can I get involved?

Members can contact their local branch representatives through the Branch Contacts tab on this page.


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Sarah Fry

Written by Sarah Fry

Head of Membership and Marketing at IQ

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Derbyshire Branch

Patrick Bowles MIQ

Vice Chairman
Phil Shimwell MIQ

John Hattersley MIQ

Devon and Cornwall Branch

Brian Wiltshire

Vice Chair
James Tupman

Branch Secretary
Penny Brodie

Lancashire Branch

Thor Atkinson

Vice Chairman
Thomas O'Boyle

Dean Holmes

London and the Homes Counties Branch

Will Taylor MIQ

Deputy Chairman 

Hon. Secretary 
Mary Carter FIQ

Midlands Branch

For any queries about the Midlands branch please contact the IQ office on 0115 972 9995 or

North of England Branch

Hazen Bowskill MIQ

Vice Chairman
Mike Young FIQ

Susan Arnott TMIQ

North Wales Branch

Mark Jones TMIQ

Vice Chairman
Adam Daniels MIQ

Branch Secretary
Dan Green TMIQ

Northern Ireland Branch

John Moore MIQ

Vice Chairman
Patrick O'Connor Associate

Pierce Kirwan Associate

Scottish Branch

Harry Cant FIQ

Vice Chairperson
Michelle Latimer MIQ

Ian Christie FIQ

South Wales Branch

Daniel Morgan MIQ

Vice Chairman
Richard Harris MIQ

Brett Morris

West of England Branch

Steve Davies

Hon. Secretary
Rod Noble

West Midlands Branch

For any queries about the West Midlands branch please contact the IQ office on 0115 972 9995 or

Yorkshire Branch

Carl Rowley MIQ

Vice Chairman
Simon Broad MIQ

Branch Secretary
Kevin Parker FIQ

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