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IQ News Update

With a comprehensive UK network of 13 regional branches, attending events, connecting with peers, sharing knowledge and developing skills is made accessible for all members of the Institute of Quarrying (IQ).

General Branch round up

Run by passionate volunteers, IQ branches organise an exciting programme of events throughout the year to bring people together at a local level and help members to grow their professional networks. From Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Days, Health & Safety Conferences to social events including Dinner Dances and Golf Days, for all the latest IQ branch news, events, and contacts visit

Some of the event highlights so far organised and confirmed by IQ branches this year include:

IQ Derbyshire

- Restoration by Rick Bright, Bright & Associates Ltd, 5 February

- Silo Safety Awareness by Hycontrol Limited, 26 February

- Hot Topics by Cath Pickett at HSE, 25 March

- AGM, 29 April

IQ Devon & Cornwall

- HSE Hot Topics by Simon Edwards, HSE Quarries Inspector, 18 February

IQ Lancashire

- Contractor Engagement by Neild Waring, Banner Contracts, 11 February
- CPD Health and Wellbeing at Longlands, 10 March
- AGM, 14 April
- Dinner Dance, 5 June

IQ London & Home Counties

- Health & Safety in Quarries and the Individual with Alan Millband, Howes Percival LLP, 20 February

- Joint meeting with the SEQLG - Geotechnical Presentation at the Orpington Golf Centre, Cray Ruxley, Orpington, 19 March

- Mental Health and Wellbeing, 24 September

- Confined Spaces by Lee Emmett, MSA Safety, 12 November

IQ Northern Ireland

- Products and Services by Strain Engineering, 3 February

- AGM, 20 April

IQ North Wales

- Presentation by Mike Jones, Thor Atkinson, 25 February

- Presentation by Roy Bush, Min Exp, 31 March

- AGM, 28 April

IQ Scotland

- Plant Telematics & Control Systems by Jason Ramshaw, Caterpillar, 11 February

- Joint meeting with IOM3, 10 March

- AGM, 21 April

- Jason Ramshaw of Caterpillar - Plant Telematics & Control Systems, 11 February

IQ West of England

- Hot Topics by Simon Edwards from HSE, 9 March

- Mental Health Awareness by Julie Ann Edwards, Industry Trainer at MPQC, 11 May

- QNJAC LOTOTO (12 months on) by Andy Meadows and Viv Russell, QNJAC, 14 September

- Albion Stone - Transition from surface to deep mining by Mark Godden, 9 November

IQ Yorkshire

- Air Bourne Dust - A Common Misconception! It’s only a bit of dust, what harm can it do?

By Adrian Jurg, HSE Quarries Inspector, 11 February

- MPSkills Virtual Reality Training / Competence by Trish Jagger, MPSkills, 10 March

- Dinner Dance, 21 March

- AGM, 14 April.


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Derbyshire Branch

John McGough FIQ

Vice Chair
Chris Rowan FIQ

Lewis Pinch

John Hattersley MIQ

Devon and Cornwall Branch

Brian Wiltshire FIQ

Vice Chair
James Tupman MIQ

Branch Secretary
Penny Brodie Associate

Lancashire Branch

Thor Atkinson Associate

Vice Chair
Thomas O'Boyle TMIQ

London and the Homes Counties Branch

Sam Tarr MIQ

Vice Chair
Gary McNeely MIQ

Hon. Secretary 
Mary Carter FIQ

Midlands Branch

For any queries about the Midlands branch please contact the IQ office on 0115 972 9995 or

North of England Branch

Hazen Bowskill MIQ

Vice Chair
Mike Young FIQ

Susan Arnott TMIQ

North Wales Branch

Mark Jones TMIQ

Vice Chair
Adam Daniels MIQ

Branch Secretary
Dan Green TMIQ

Northern Ireland Branch

Patrick O'Connor MIQ

Vice Chair
Edward Nethery Associate

Pierce Kirwan Associate

Scottish Branch

Harry Cant FIQ

Vice Chair
Michelle Latimer MIQ

Ian Christie FIQ

South Wales Branch

Daniel Morgan MIQ

Vice Chair
Richard Harris MIQ

Brett Morris Associate

West of England Branch

Otto Harhunen MIQ

Vice Chair
Gary Edmends MIQ

Rod Noble FIQ

West Midlands Branch

For any queries about the West Midlands branch please contact the IQ office on 0115 972 9995 or

Yorkshire Branch

Carl Rowley MIQ

Vice Chair
John Carlon MIQ

Branch Secretary
Kevin Parker FIQ

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