Achieving Net Zero: Resource management

Conference event
5 November 2021


Presentation: Biodiversity Metric 3 and its Application for the Minerals Sector

Synopsis: An update on the recently released Biodiversity Metric 3, highlighting some of the key changes made to the metric and some new features of relevance to the minerals sector. The presentation also cover the application of the metric to phased developments and the role of the metric within current and future planning policy (including the future mandatory requirement for a minimum 10% biodiversity net gain). 

Nick WhiteSpeaker: Dr Nicholas White works across Government (national and local), and with developers, NGOs and academia to advance policy, practice and standards around net gain (biodiversity, natural capital and environmental). The current focus of his work is on biodiversity net gain legislation, the biodiversity metric and biodiversity net gain standards and guidance.

He is also working on the evolving approach to marine net gain. As a non-ecologist he is interested in how biodiversity and the natural environment can contribute towards wider social and economic benefits. He also has a strong interest in green infrastructure, especially in relation to urban areas and its ability to enhance wider (grey) infrastructure resilience.


Presentation: How Graphene may be a resource within the Asphalt sector

Synopsis: Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (UoM) have been working alongside the National Highways team over the last three years on development of graphene modified bitumen and asphalt. This culminated in October 2021 in the laying of a section of A1 Nr Alnwick which was laid with Graphene within a modified CIR pavement.

Craig DawsonSpeaker: Dr Craig Dawson is currently working alongside the Nobel prize winning team in University of Manchesters' new Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre at the heart of Manchesters "Graphene city". 

Dr Craig Dawson is heavily involved in the development of innovative solutions using graphene & 2D materials, alongside commercial collaborative partners, taking real world applications from laboratory to prototype. 



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