Online: Good Handling of Soils Guidance: An Operators View

Technical event
9 May 2022


Soils are now universally recognised as a finite resource and their preservation during earthworks is often the subject of stringent planning controls.

Dr Neil Humphries will provide an Operator's view of the recently published "Good Practice Guide for Handling Soils in Mineral Workings", the successor to the MAFF guide published more than 20 years ago.

The session will provide practical advice on managing earthworks to preserve soil quality, ensuring restoration schemes can be delivered successfully. Neil's involvement with the Minerals Industry spans almost 50 years, specialising in the creation and reconstruction of functioning soil and vegetation-based land uses and ecosystems, and his work has been recognised in many national and international awards.

An introductory seminar on Soils Guidance by Dr Neil Humphries, will be featured in the presentation and can also be viewed here.


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