IQ Scottish Branch - (Online) Challenges and Innovation Facing the Asphalt Industry

Technical event
10 January 2023
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The asphalt industry is currently going through an unprecedented period of challenge and innovation. This is driven by several factors including the global challenge to minimise climate change; the fiscal hardship hanging over from the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, the ageing infrastructure in many asphalt plants and not least the sanctions placed on Russia impacting on the bitumen availability through Europe.

This presentation will consider the output of a SWOT analysis of the current climate and focus on a few of the key points thrown up, and the criticality of how they might best be managed. For example, we will consider the infrastructure and look at bitumen storage tank design and maintenance programs to illustrate the gap between where the industry stands currently and where it needs to be.

We will look at opportunities for new low carbon materials and materials enhancing the circular economy. How these materials are marketed will also be reviewed. Specifically, to encourage the procurement people and the specifiers to look beyond the marketing and consider the factual aspects of true performance and actual contribution to net zero through Life Cycle Analysis.

Finally, the impact of the Russian sanctions on bitumen availability will be visited. How could this affect supply sustainability for the UK? I hope you will leave the presentation stimulated to think about a few points to take away and consider what actions might be relevant for your business to consider.

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Gary Schofield, Head of Technical, TotalEnergies


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