IQ Scottish Branch - Fuel Security

Technical event
13 September 2022
Registrations for this event are now closed, please contact the office on 0115 972 9995 or to enquire about any cancellations or spaces on the waiting list.


The Scottish branch invite you to join them at the Stirling Court Hotel for a presentation on Fuel Security by Chris Day, Fuel Theft Solutions.     Chris is the Managing Director of Fuel Theft Solutions Ltd and provided professional consultations to businesses around the world, as well as individuals running their own vehicles, offering simple and effective solutions with proven results.   The company continues to grow and is now supporting quarries, plant and construction industry, as the government has changed the rules regarding the use of Rebated fuel. This has left the industries at serious risk of fuel theft, and we believe that the cost of “white” diesel is a hard enough pill to swallow. We have therefore ensured that we can offer our DieselDye to every quarry, plant and construction company, big or small, with quantities that are both easy to administer and financially viable. One of the reasons our DieselDye is so popular is that blue diesel is not as easy to sell on, nor can it be confused as a rebated fuel. Recently we have had several interviews and articles in the media regarding DieselDye and fuel theft. We have agreed to this as we want all transport, plant, construction and quarry industries to be made aware that they can protect their fuel by using our products including DieselDye, decals for vehicles and perimeter signage, all of which deters theft.


Chris Day, Managing Director, Fuel Theft Solutions


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