IQ Derbyshire Branch - Mental Health: Reflections of a former hostage

Technical event
25 January 2023, 18:00


Chris Rowan who has over 37 years’ experience in the industry both in the UK and internationally, now runs both the mineral extractives and cement programmes at the University of Derby’s Centre for Mineral Products. Being passionate about both the industry and wellbeing Chris will share his harrowing story of being taken hostage in Okpella,

Nigeria in 2015 and his subsequent repatriation back to the UK. It is the proverbial story of ‘two halves’ the torment of being taken hostage, where nothing is in your control, and being returned to home to fight an internal and external battle that still holds true today. A battle against the stigma of living with ‘mental health’ problems and the potential discrimination which has a very negative effect on a person’s life.

Chris has learnt over the last 7 years that he does not need to ‘Man up’ and that talking about his wellbeing has put him firmly on the road to recovery. The single biggest killer of men under 45 is suicide so it is more important than ever for us to break the stigma and talk more about our wellbeing and to encourage others to seek the help and support they need. Chris says “part of the healing process is to talk about the events both in Nigeria and back home, and if people in our industry can learn from them, its my way of giving something back to an industry that has been my life”.

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Chris Rowan, , University of Derby

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