Safer by Sharing - Our Camera Evolution

Technical event
19 April 2022


Presentation Title:

Safer by Sharing – Our Camera Evolution 


A bit about us, Hargreaves UK Services Ltd or as we refer to ourselves internally “HELM” i.e. Hargreaves, Environmental & Logistics. The presentation is oriented around the Logistics element of HELM and our HGV / LGV camera technology advancement. The presentation was originally put together as part of the MPA’s safer by sharing initiative and someone thought it would be a good idea to share further, after all it does make sense to share, Safer by Sharing – Our Camera Evolution.


Speaker Bio:

Graeme Lightbody of Hargreaves UKGraeme Lightbody, Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality Manager (SHEQ) Manager UK, of Hargreaves UK Services, more specifically “HELM”.

Graeme commenced his career in the Ayrshire coalfields, in surface coal mining (opencast), as a site engineer in 2001.  From there, Graeme progressed to a Mine Manger in 2007 until 2017, prior to diversifying into SHE full time, following the demise of the Surface Coal Mines.

Graeme has an Upper Second-Class Honours Degree (Bachelor of Science in Surveying for Resource Development) as well as an HNC in Topographic Studies. Along with these qualifications, Graeme has additional industry specific training expectations and or requirements such as a NEBOSH General Certificate and formerly SMSTS, MPQC’s Shotfiring and Explosives Supervisor.  


Graeme Lightbody, SHE Manager, Hargreaves Environmental, Logistics and Minerals


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