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27/09/2018 - IQ Academy Webinar

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Creating Wellbeing

Dr Carolyn Yeoman of OCAID Wellbeing Ltd

12:30 - 13:00 on 27 September 2018

Wellbeing is an overused term which means all things to all people and it tends to be ill-defined and misunderstood. It’s often the ‘soft and fluffy’ side of wellbeing which is the focus of interventions and whilst such interventions are beneficial to individuals, they’re unlikely to result in long-term sustainable organisational effects. Organisations need to address wellbeing in the same way as they address safety, by identifying and eliminating the primary risks to wellbeing. We also need to start thinking about wellbeing in a different way and recognise the crucial role wellbeing has as a business improvement tool.

This presentation focuses on Creating Wellbeing ™ by discussing:

  • What wellbeing is and its relationship to safety, leadership and engagement
  • Why organisations should focus on Creating wellbeing ™ rather than managing stress and psychosocial risk!
  • The Yeoman Bizzell Wellbeing Culture Development Model
  • How to develop wellbeing cultures
  • Assessing wellbeing and engagement
  • Wellbeing Interventions

Carolyn is Operations Director of OCAID Wellbeing. She is an organisational psychologist with significant experience in the Health, Safety and Wellbeing field.

Before joining OCAID to head up their Wellbeing business Carolyn spent 2 years at HSE working closely with the Work-Related Stress policy team. Prior to that she successfully ran her own business for over 20 years, including some time living and working in Australia. Carolyn has a proven international track record in numerous industry sectors including construction, oil and gas, food, utilities, packaging and retail.

Carolyn has co-authored a book about Employee Assistance Programmes with Professor Sir Cary Cooper and is an experienced conference speaker with a number of papers and publications to her name. Carolyn is highly skilled and practised in benchmarking and designing organisational Wellbeing and Safety Culture interventions that enhance employee engagement and wellbeing, resulting in resilient people in resilient organisations.

Her aim is always to help to create sustainable change within organisations, enabling them to continuously improve their Health, Safety and Wellbeing culture.

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