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29/08/2019 - IQ Academy Webinar

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Sarah Fry



Cost Effective Water Quality Monitoring

Dr. Craig Speed, Associate Director of Wardell Armstrong

12:30 - 13:00 on 29 August 2019

Lots of water quality monitoring is undertaken by the quarrying industry as part of demonstrating environmental permit compliance to the Regulator as well as day to day operational control. Cost is a very important driver in monitoring design and implementation but must not be at the expense of quality and effectiveness. This webinar will discuss how to maximise the effectiveness of water quality monitoring whilst also minimising cost.

Delivered by Dr Craig Speed, an Associate Director and Hydrochemist in Wardell Armstrong’s Water team. Craig has over 13 years of water consultancy experience and 4 years’ experience working for the Environment Agency. His expertise includes design, management and review of water quality monitoring (both groundwater and surface water), hydrochemical interpretation, providing lectures on water quality monitoring at Birmingham University, knowledge of UK water legislation (including environmental permits and abstraction licensing) and detailed knowledge of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) including WFD Compliance Assessments.

His recent project experience includes historic metal mine impact assessments, a quarry lake hydrochemistry project, a quarry conceptual model review, hydrogeology lead in major infrastructure projects, key expert in groundwater monitoring for a project in Turkey and conducting an investigation and adjudication following lime stabilisation impacts on water quality for an electrical infrastructure company.

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Sarah Fry

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