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IQ Benevolent Fund Available to Members

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The Coronavirus continues to affect us in ways we couldn’t have imagined. For anyone who may have been affected either directly or indirectly, the Institute of Quarrying (IQ) reminds members of a fund set up to support them and their dependents in times of difficulty.

Risk management

The IQ Benevolent Fund (IQBF) was established in 1925 and over the years has helped many members and families who were facing financial uncertainties because of long-term illness, disability or death.

James Thorne is Chief Executive Officer of the Institute. He explains: “Every year, one percent of all member fees are donated to the IQ Benevolent Fund. With the current health, social and economic uncertainties that we are all facing, the fund provides reassurance for members old and new in the UK that a helping hand is available if needed.

“Essentially, the IQ Benevolent Fund is all about the industry giving back to our friends and colleagues, and their families, in times of hardship. It’s one of those IQ member benefits that sits quietly in the background and which is only called upon in exceptional circumstances. And as we are all acutely aware, these are exceptional times with many countries around the world experiencing these circumstances too.

In response to the current situation the IQ Benevolent Fund Trustees have agreed to use part of the fund to provision a special Covid-19 fund to support members. For further details of the Covid -19 fund contact the IQBF welfare officer.

“Our message is simple. The IQ Benevolent Fund is here for those in need. Anyone contacting IQBF can be assured that their situation will be treated with discretion and care, and each case that comes forward is treated individually by an independent board of trustees.”

Enquiries about the IQBF should be directed to Wanda Zablocki, IQBF Welfare Officer. Email: or telephone 0115 855 6500 for further information.


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