Keen to progress your quarrying career?

This degree provides right foundation

The Foundation Degree in Mineral Extractives Technology is designed for aspiring managers to gain the knowledge they need to progress their career.  Depending on your own educational background, it is a two or three year course studied part-time.  The course uses a combination of learning methods including online modules and face to face tutorials.

Starting in September each year, the structure of the foundation degree is:

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
  • Industry Introduction
  • Construction Products Technology
  • Minerals Management and Processing  (International)
    (double module - 40 credits)
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering 
  • Blasting Operations
  • Engineering 
  • Industry Technology
  • Business Management
  • Mineral Extraction and Transportation (International)
  • Engineering 

The Foundation degree is open to both UK and International students.  It is a replacement of the previously available Diploma in Quarry Technology and 'DAPS' courses that have been the cornerstones of our industry's education for many decades.

For more information including how to apply, go to the University of Derby website.