IQ Skills Wheel Factsheets

Practical guidance, easily found

IQ Skills Wheel Factsheets for a quick overview on a range of topics

Our factsheets cover a range of topics all linked to our Skills Wheel.  The IQ Skills Wheel provides an overview of all the skills and expertise areas the modern quarrying professional needs to develop.

The core skills can be grouped into:

Look through each area and see if you can work out which areas you should be trying to develop further in.


Personal Effectiveness

Learn how to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in  order to develop your own career.

Knowledge and Innovation

Look for latest guidance and information on all sorts of site operational issues as well as general management advice.

Standards and Professionalism

Learn more about the regulations and legislation that affects the quarrying industry that you should be aware of.

Engage, Influence and Impact

Being more aware of how to interact as a team member in a wider context helps you become a more rounded professional.