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National Careers Week offers a great opportunity to demonstrate the diversity of roles in the quarrying and mineral products industry. Learn more about the sector here.


UK Quarrying and Mineral Products Industry in Numbers


million metric tonnes produced annually


£5.8 billion added value to the economy


81,000 people directly employed


2,000 active sites and plants


28% total market is recycled aggregates


5,000 hectares restored sites for public use

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The most valuable lessons I learned in my first role were people and management skills, accountability and empowerment. I enjoyed the variety of projects I was able to get involved in and the relationships I built within the industry.

Ian Cross
Head of Global Asphalt Performance Improvement, HeidelbergCement AG
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The thing I enjoy most about our industry is going to work with everyday being different. I have fond memories of working with great individuals and teams on various sites across the industry.

William Morris
Quarry Manager, CEMEX UK
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I enjoy working with a broad spectrum of people from different countries and cultures, along with visiting different types of mineral extraction and processing plants. For anyone interested in this industry, if you’re looking for a varied and interesting career with the opportunity to travel, then give it a go!

Mark Pitman
Mark Pitman
PMO Operations – Europe, Sibelco Group
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Each day is different. The personal development opportunities have been amazing since I started my career. Quarrying is a very diverse industry. From sales staff to Geologists, Excavator Operators and Weighbridge Operators, there’s something for everyone.

Nicholas Jewell
Production Supervisor, Hanson Aggregates
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A suit is rarely required! It’s very difficult to be bored in this industry if you enjoy being outside, building friendships and solving problems.

Andy Talling
Andrew Talling
Chief Operating Officer, Hap Seng Building Materials Sdn Bhd
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I remember how exciting it was to visit the operating sites, along with the large equipment that was used on the sites. The industry has educated me and has given me an excellent living and profession. I’ve also travelled the world so I think all my aspirations have been met and surpassed.

Viv Russell
Viv Russell
Longcliffe Group Managing Director, Longcliffe Quarries
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What I enjoy the most about my work is the people, the industry is such a friendly and welcoming group. Always ask questions, you don’t need to know everything but you won’t learn if you don’t ask. Colleagues are always willing to explain things that you might be unclear of. Never think that you have to be a certain gender or age to succeed.

Deborah Thomas
Principal Hydrogeologist, Envireau Water

Learn more about what the industry offers for career opportunities

There are so many job roles across operations, logistics, engineering, environment and corporate functions that there is something for everyone. The routes into the sector are equally varied with opportunities for school and college leavers, university undergraduates and those with experiences in other sectors.

Whichever route brings you into the industry, there are personal development opportunities and career pathways to support your progression and take you where you want to go.

For National Careers Week we have brought together clips of people across the industry talking about what they value about the sector.

Routes into the industry

Emily Stevens (nee Burridge) talks about the choices facing A-level students and the route she took into the industry.


A collaborative industry

The quarrying industry works collaboratively and is open to people from all backgrounds, which Chris O'Shea values.


Roles with great variety

If like Adam Chapman you are interested in a job that has variety, the quarrying industry offers a diverse roles.


Support for you to grow

People working in the quarrying industry are given support to develop as Matt Jarvis knows.


Build your career in mineral products and quarrying

Learn more about what you can expect from a career in the industry and how you can get started.

A day in the life of a quarry manager

What do you think a quarry manager does? Dannika Bannon talks about what a typical day is, how she got into the industry and how far she wants to go within it.

Who works in the quarrying industry?

Meet some of our people at the start of their careers, you may be surprised as to who they are!

What attracts people to the industry?

People enter the quarrying industry with different backgrounds and via different routes. Hear how some of our early careers people got started.

Proudest moments to date

Hear from people in their early careers in the quarrying and mineral products industry about what their proudest achievements are to date.

Plans for the future

This is an industry that will support you in reaching your career goals. This group of people already have an idea of what they want to do next.

Advice on starting in the industry

There is something for everyone in the quarrying industry, as the advice from our early careers people will tell you.

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