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The Institute of Quarrying takes a vital role working with industry to establish standards, career pathways and to raise the profile of the industry to the next generation.

We have a number of opportunities for members to join in those discussions in a number of important forums.

National Occupational Standards

National Occupational Standards (NOS) are the standards that describe the competence requirements for every role within the industry. They are used by the HSE to understand the competence requirements.

This group will review these standards and ensure they are embedded into future qualifications.


Apprenticeships are fast becoming the route to recruit new talent into our sector, as well as an effective way of upskilling existing employees for promotion.

This group will help create the industry's future apprenticeships.

Future Careers

How does the industry attract the next generation? With an ageing workforce and the demands the industry will face in the future, there is an urgent need to attract diverse talent to the industry.

This group will develop projects to raise the profile of the sector, engage young people and encourage them to enter the industry.


QNJAC is the Quarries National Joint Advisory Committee. It is the group that produces guidance that is adopted by the HSE and employers to improve safety, efficiency and ultimately reduce accidents and injuries.

This group will be tasked with producing new guidance and directives.

Benefits of getting involved

These groups are open to everyone across the industry. Meetings will be accessible with online options to participate as well in-person.

Each group has been set up on a task and finish basis. So once the group has delivered its project, it will end.

  • Enhance your professional profile

  • Build your network and expand your contacts

  • Gain valuable Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Contribute to the future of the industry

  • Expand your own knowledge of the industry to support your career development

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All groups are focused on making tasks and outcomes that will make a meaningful contribution to the future of the industry.

Make sure that your employer will support you with the time to participate in these groups.

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