Minerals are all around us

Take time to consider just how many everyday items exist thanks to minerals

From the houses and the way we live in them to the roads we travel on to the way we use modern communication devices to talk to each other, minerals have a significant impact on our daily lives. Yet we give very little thought as to where these minerals come from and how they are obtained.

The quarrying industry supports just about every other industry sector and is vital for the UK economy.

Our annual National Minerals Week is an opportunity to raise awareness of the crucial role minerals play in shaping our built and natural environment whilst also appreciating those in the mineral products sector.

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Moving around thanks to minerals 

Our ability to travel for work and pleasure would be severely restricted without minerals. It is thanks to minerals that we have cars, motorbikes, planes and trains. We would be nowhere without them.

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Bring you the power of metals 

We built this city on rocks. Metals are a key part of our everyday lives and quarrying is how we get those essential materials. It is metals that allow us to perform most of our work.

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Minerals make all your comforts 

Our ability to survive the elements is a basic human need and minerals have been vital

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Fast Mineral facts 

We have started a collection of fast mineral facts designed to give you a greater understanding of where certain minerals are found and where they are used.

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