Feb 14, 2024 / by IQ News Update

Launch of the new Heavy Clay Technology Association (HCTa)

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Individuals working within the Heavy Clay sector have a new organisation to support them with professional development opportunities, the Heavy Clay Technology Association (HCTa).

The HCTa will be working in partnership with the Institute of Quarrying (IQ) and the Mineral Products Qualifications Council (MPQC), IQ will work with HCTa to provide continuing professional development, while MPQC will deliver the new Heavy Clay Technology Level 2 and Level 3 courses.

Paula Wardle, the Chair of the HCTa: “The committee aims to continue providing employees in the Heavy Clay industry with opportunities to support their professional development, skills and qualifications. Working with the Institute of Quarrying and Mineral Products Qualifications Council will mean we will now be able to be part of a network of like-minded professionals where knowledge and experiences can be shared.”

Viv Russell, President of the Institute of Quarrying continues “This announcement shows that the additional value that can be achieved for all when we collaborate as an industry. In bringing together the Heavy Clay Technology sector with the quarrying and mineral products sector we can ensure that even more people benefit from the shared resources available through IQ, its branch network and the MPQC training offer.”

An online event takes place on Tuesday 5th March 2024 at 10:30am to launch the HCTa, providing further details about the support and activities that the industry can expect. Register for the event at go.quarrying.org/hctalaunch


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