May 2, 2024 / by IQ News Update

President's Blog: Embracing an everchanging industry

Embracing an everchanging industry - Blog post

I have had a very busy previous month with the IQ Yorkshire Branch Dinner Dance, an IQ Lancashire Branch meeting and a trip to the IQ Northern Ireland Branch AGM and Dinner, which involved three site visits in two days. I would like to sincerely thank Carl Rowley and Kevin Parker for the kind invite to the Yorkshire Dinner and Edward Nethery for organising my visit to Belfast.

2024 is becoming a year of change, for the Institute, our members and the sector. As with any period of change, it requires us all to sometimes let go of the past and embrace the future.

The Institute of Quarrying (IQ) has a long and proud history with many great traditions that have evolved over the years. It is also an organisation established by passionate people to support and drive change in our sector.

In the last few weeks, we have seen that pioneering spirit is still very much a part of our sector especially members of the Institute. The recent launch of the first fully autonomous articulated dump truck (ADT) operating in a UK quarry is the perfect example of the ambition, vision and courage needed to push our sector forward, which transpired through a partnership between Sibelco, Chepstow Plant International, Bell and Xtonomy. The project also shows the way for us all to develop a collaborative approach to driving our industry forward. With these advances in technology, we will also see a shift in the skills needed and how we all work, whilst always retaining those core competencies.

Undoubtedly, we will see significant change in the next few years, with the technology and innovation coming through. IQ continues to work hard with its partners to ensure the standards we operate reflect these transitions and support those in our sector to develop and maintain those skills as they become relevant.

With the Hillhead exhibition taking place next month for all to visit there will be a range of new technology and equipment to learn more about. The event offers a fantastic opportunity as always to not only see what’s going on in the sector and its supply chain but also to catch up with friends and colleagues.
IQ will be there this year on stand H2, sharing its space with MPQC. We look forward to meeting with as many members as we can and are equally as keen to meet those from the sector who aren’t members to show the support we offer at all stages of their careers.

Hillhead provides an opportunity to remind professionals how to get involved and how they can support STEM ambassadors with training and collateral to promote the industry we all represent. To support this, Minerals Matter will be present during the exhibition, showcasing our sector as a career of choice for people from all walks of life. 

There any many great examples of members and professionals working in our sector and we want to harness their passion and knowledge through the Minerals Matter scheme to become ambassadors for our industry.

We all can see what a great sector we represent and as members of IQ, I encourage you all to get involved with the Minerals Matter campaign and help share that passion with our potential future workforce.

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