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    22/09/2020 - IQ Benevolent Fund – Notice of 2020 AGM

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    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Contributors to the Institute of Quarrying Benevolent Fund will be held via Zoom from the Tarmac National Skills and Safety Park, Tarmac Way, Off Wood Lane, Nether Langwith, NG20 9JF on Tuesday, 22nd September at 14:20.

    IQ and IQBF Annual General Meeting
    22nd September 2020 at 14.00hrs (IQ) and 14.20hrs (IQBF)

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    Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 18th September 2019
    1. Matters arising from the minutes
    2. To consider the Report* of the Committee of Trustees and the Statement of Accounts* for year ended 31 December 2019
    3. To elect the following Trustees to the Committee for the ensuing year
    a) Chairman
    b) Deputy Chairman
    c) Four Ordinary Trustees
    d) Two Branch Representatives
    4. To elect auditors for the ensuing year
    5. To review the appointment of the IQBF investment manager and make recommendations for the future in accordance with Clause 14.2 ii) f) of the Constitution
    6. Special Resolution
    Amendments to the following clauses in the IQBF Constitution to apply clarifications and to increase transparency and flexibility
    a) Clause 1.6 addition of “to be held in person and/or electronic facility or facilities in accordance with this Constitution”.
    b) Clause 1.8 addition of “United Kingdom”
    c) Replace Clauses 4.7 to 4.10 with
    4.7 “It may employ or otherwise engage such person or persons to supervise, organise, promote or otherwise carry on work in furtherance of the objects of the IQBF and to pay such wages, honorarium, or other costs, expenses and disbursements as may be incurred and approved by the Trustees.”
    4.8 “It may incur and discharge any other costs, expenses or disbursements as may be determined as being reasonably incurred or required by the trustees for the furtherance of the objects of the IQBF.”

    Registered Charity No.: 213586
    d) Clauses 4.11, 4.12, 4.13 renumbered to 4.9, 4.10, 4.11
    e) Clause 4.14 & 4.15 renumbered to 4.12 with the additional wording “Provided that any proposal in accordance with this clause 4.12 shall have been previously approved by a 75% majority of those attending and entitled to vote at a Special or Annual General Meeting.”
    f) Clause 4.15 renumbered to 4.13
    g) Clause 10.1 to include additional wording “either in person or by simultaneous attendance and participation by electronic facility or facilities.”
    h) Clause 10.10 changed to “Agenda indicating clearly the nature of business to be transacted and the date time and venue of any Committee meeting shall be sent by hard copy post or by electronic form to each Committee Member not less than twenty-one days before the
    date of the meeting. The agenda shall also specify the means of participation by electronic facility or facilities and how persons attending by electronic facility or facilities should communicate with each other.”
    i) Clause 11.1 to include additional wording “either in person or by simultaneous attendance and participation by electronic facility or facilities.”
    j) New Clause 12 added - “Simultaneous attendance and participation by electronic facilities”
    12.1 The Trustees may resolve to enable persons entitled to attend and participate in any meeting to do so partly (but not wholly) by simultaneous attendance and participation by means of electronic facility or facilities, and may determine the means, or all different means, of attendance and participation used in relation to the meeting. Those present in
    person or by proxy by means of an electronic facility or facilities (as so determined by the Trustees) shall be counted in the quorum for, and be entitled to participate in, the meeting in question. That meeting shall be duly constituted and its proceedings valid if the chair is satisfied that adequate facilities are available throughout the meeting to ensure the
    members attending the meeting by all means (including the means of an electronic facility or facilities) are able to:
    12.1.1 participate in the business for which the meeting has been convened.
    12.1.2 hear all persons who speak at the meeting; and
    12.1.3 be heard by all other persons attending and participating at the meeting.
    12.2 A person shall be entitled to vote when attending a meeting by electronic facility or facilities in such manner as shall be directed by the chair and that person’s vote can be taken into account in determining whether or not resolutions are passed provided the vote is cast within the time limit given by the Chair.
    12.3 Where a person is entitled to participate in a meeting by electronic facility or facilities any document that is required to be on display or available for inspection at the meeting shall be made available for inspection in electronic form for the required period of time and provision for such a document in an electronic form shall be deemed to satisfy any requirement to provide and make copies available for inspection and approval at the meeting.”
    k) Clause 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 renumbered to 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
    l) Clause 14.2 (i) becomes 15.2
    Clause 14.2 (ii) becomes 15.3
    Clause 14.2 (iii) becomes 15.4

    Registered Charity No.: 213586
    By order of the Committee of Trustees
    Louise White, Secretary, 27th August 2020


    IQBF 2020 AGM Calling Notice + Agenda and Previous Minutes

    2019 Full Signed Accounts

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    Dave Tebbutt

    Written by Dave Tebbutt

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