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IQ London and Home Counties branch get into confined spaces

IQ North Wales branch discuss dredging

IQ West of England Branch presents Portland Stone

Northern Ireland Branch Donates to Charities

Putting the NHS First

March IQ Branch Events

Loughries Integrated Primary School had a blast in Ballystockart Quarry

Monthly bulletin: IQ Branches

Midlands Health and Safety Conference 2019

Northern Ireland Branch host regional IQ Excellence Awards

Yorkshire Branch Health & Safety Conference 2019

South Wales CPD Technical Event

Derbyshire Branch Day Out

West of England branch

London and Home Counties Blog

North Wales Branch

Lancashire Branch

HSE Hot Topics with Simon Edwards, HSE Quarries Inspector - West of England Branch

South Wales Branch

Derbyshire Branch

IQ West of England Treasurer steps down after more than 30 years of commitment

Scottish Branch

IQ Branch Focus

London and Home Counties Branch

Northern Ireland Branch

IQ Presidents Branch Trophy Winners for 2018

North Wales Blog

Devon and Cornwall Blog

Lancashire Blog

Yorkshire Blog

Scottish Blog

South Wales Blog

Health and Safety - Hot Topics by Simon Edwards, HSE Quarries Inspector - West of England Branch

West of England Blog

The Evolution of Explosives & Accessories - Lancashire Branch

Northern Ireland Blog

Derbyshire Blog

London and Homes Counties Branch Blog

West of England Branch Blog

South Wales Branch Blog

Northern Ireland Branch Field Trip, September 2017

Lancashire Branch Blog

Devon and Cornwall Branch Blog

North of England Branch Blog

North Wales Branch Blog

North of England Branch Steams Ahead with IQ Centenary Celebrations

Midlands Branch Blog

IQ Centenary & Hot Topics in Health & Safety - West of England Branch

Northern Ireland Branch Blog

Derbyshire Branch Blog

Yorkshire Branch Blog

The future of fertiliser - Yorkshire Branch

Implication to water quality - Lancashire Branch

Scottish Branch Blog

Mistakes and Aggravation - Yorkshire Branch

Process instrumentation in the minerals industry - Derbyshire Branch

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Derbyshire Branch

Patrick Bowles MIQ

Vice Chairman
Phil Shimwell MIQ

John Hattersley MIQ

Devon and Cornwall Branch

Jonathan Attwood TMIQ

Deputy Chairman
Andy Thomas

Branch Secretary
Penny Brodie

Lancashire Branch

Sam Wrathall MIQ

Vice Chairman
Thor Atkinson

Mark Broadley MIQ

London and the Homes Counties Branch

Will Taylor MIQ

Deputy Chairman 

Hon. Secretary 
Mary Carter FIQ

Midlands Branch

For any queries about the Midlands branch please contact the IQ office on 0115 972 9995 or

North of England Branch

Hazen Bowskill MIQ

Vice Chairman
Mike Young FIQ

Susan Arnott TMIQ

North Wales Branch

Mark Jones TMIQ

Vice Chairman
Adam Daniels MIQ

Branch Secretary
Dan Green TMIQ

Northern Ireland Branch

John Moore MIQ

Vice Chairman
Patrick O'Connor Associate

Pierce Kirwan Associate

Scottish Branch

Alan Mackenzie FIQ

Ian Christie FIQ

South Wales Branch

Nicola Bartholomey MIQ

Vice Chairman
Daniel Morgan MIQ

Brett Morris

West of England Branch

Steve Davies

Hon. Secretary
Rod Noble

West Midlands Branch

For any queries about the West Midlands branch please contact the IQ office on 0115 972 9995 or

Yorkshire Branch

Carl Rowley MIQ

Vice Chairman
Simon Broad MIQ

Branch Secretary
Kevin Parker FIQ

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